Who Are The Danger Squad?


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Before they were born, my husband and I decided to give them both the middle name of Danger. I just thought the concept was hilarious, and would be the envy of all their schoolyard friends. But Myke took it even further, and exuberantly declared that yelling “Danger Squad! Assemble!” at the top of his lungs at the playground to entice his kids to beeline towards him was the best exeunt ever. I haven’t been able to test this in the playground yet, but I assure you that Tristan has had many a high-five because of his middle name.

My son asked me earlier in the school year what I wanted to be when I grew up. My first reaction was to be amused and pleased that he thought I still had to “grow up”. Which lent credence to my next statement. “When I was little,” I said, “I always said that I wanted to grow up to be a big kid.” Why, mommy? “Because it’s a lot more fun than being a grown-up!”

It’s true! Kids have it best! And I’m trying my best to ensure that my kids DO have a lot of fun. I am a big kid myself, after all.

Welcome to Life with the Danger Squad!


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