Two Events Going On This Week

published2 minutes ago
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Hello Hello there,

If you’re like me, you’re finding it hard to relate to others who don’t get what you’re going through.

Especially when you’re new to the widows club.

Everything changes so quickly when you lose your spouse. Everything.

That why I wanted to invite you to a Facebook Live that I’m hosting tonight. I’m revisiting a piece that I wrote two years ago, when I was 5 years into my grief, and comparing it to where I am now.

I wanted to use my own progress on my grief journey to help you see that there is progress, even if you can’t see it while you’re living it.

​It’s tonight at 9:00 pm EST. I’d love to see you there.


This Thursday, we’re welcoming our first guest to our Widow’s Cocktail Hour.

If you’re looking for help in managing mom guilt while parenting, we’ve got you.

Dr. Raquel Muller is a family psychologist, work-life integration coach for moms, and a motivational speaker.

Drawing on 18 years of experience in mental health, Dr. Raquel harnesses the power of cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness strategies to empower women to transform negative self-talk, let go of unrealistic expectations, banish guilt and overwhelm, create nurturing relationships, and reconnect with their own sense of purpose and joy, all without the need for therapy.

Thursday, July 29th, 9:30 pm EST.

We’d love to see you there.


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