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signs from the afterlife

7 Clear Signs From The Afterlife

No one wants to be alone. Being newly bereft immediately launches you into a new, unwanted life – all alone. Once your spouse has died, all of the little things that they used to do are lost to the ether. Have you spent hours searching for a sign from your lost love? Don’t you wish you could speak to them again? Feel their presence again? You can, if you know what to watch for. If you knew how to read the signs from the afterlife.

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How To Read The Signs From The Afterlife

Electrical Impulses

Have you seen Stranger Things? I’m going to assume you have, because if you haven’t yet I insist you go and watch the first season…after you read this post of course. One of the main themes is about how a young boy gets trapped in the “other” and how his mother learns how to communicate with him using strings of Christmas lights hung over a huge alphabet she wrote on her wall. An updated version of a Oeaga board. (BTW, don’t ever use one of those. You never know who or what is talking back to you.)

This rings so true because it IS true! It’s one of the telltale signs of a spirit visiting you. The dead do use electricity and lights as a way to communicate with the living. Their energy can use electricity as a conduit, and will do things like blow out new lightbulbs, change TV/Netflix channels, flicker lights, etc. Have you ever had the experience of walking home at twilight and one outdoor light suddenly turns off? Or mysteriously turns on? That’s someone winking at you.

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Number Patterns

Everyday at 3:33 my eyes wander to the clock. Every, single, day. This started to happen a few years into our relationship, and it still continues to this day. So, ten years plus? Everyday at 3:33, my inner self feels the pull of signs from the afterlife, note the time, and I send an “I love you, Myke” into the ether.

These special repeating numbers are also known as Angel Numbers. Numerology explains that each number has it’s own vibrational frequency, it’s own special meaning. Triple repeated numbers replicate the sacred Trinity (God, Jesus, Spirit; Mother, Maiden, Crone) hence the spiritual importance. They are powerful messages from beyond.

They don’t need to be just repeating numbers. They could be their birthday, a date of special significance, a lucky number. If you constantly see the same number then it’s an indication that someone is trying to get you to pay attention.

Objects in Your Path

Strange objects on the sidewalk are signs that a deceased loved one is with you. Many widow/ers have spoken of things being placed in their path. Just as patterns, it’s usually the same object again and again. Signs from the afterlife.

What sets these objects apart from ordinary flotsam and jetsam is that they hold a special significance. In my case, I constantly find abandoned playing cards. Usually Jacks or Jokers, which doesn’t really surprise me as it’s an apt representation of my late husband. Coins lying in your path are also common – dimes in particular. Dimes are known as spiritual indicators, as the number 10 is a perfect circle, signifying the beginning and the end of life.

You’ve Got This
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7 signs from the afterlife


When my husband died, I was reluctant to change the bed sheets because they still smelled like him. Then, once they were freshly laundered, I was reluctant to go through his clothes because of their overwhelming scent. Plus, they looked like empty shells of my husband, waiting in vain for him to fill them up again. Going through them was awful as they teased my brain – scent goes straight to memory. I kept the ones that represented him the best, and donated the rest. They still live in a bag in the basement, waiting for when I’m ready to smell them again.

Yet, some widow/ers tell stories of how they catch whiffs of their loved ones in the wind. Signs that a deceased love one is with you. They could be walking down the street, and all of a sudden they smell the perfume their beloved always wore. Or the particular smell of tobacco their husband smoked. Just as I did, they were suddenly brought back to a time when their loved one was alive. For a second, they were there beside them, alive and well. Have you smelled a scent so familiar you knew it was them? Have you experienced this spirit sign? Comment below.

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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein


This one is so pure, so true, and yet so tragic. Dreams are the most direct way to reach one beyond the veil. Your subconscious isn’t bogged down with the mundane day-to-day, and can finally be free. All the trappings of getting older get stripped away, and your spirit is as a child again, with wonder for the world and belief in the unknown. It’s in your dreams where you can connect to your beloved deceased, and them to you. Where you are truly open to receive signs from the afterlife.

These true dreams are different from regular dreams because they feel real. You can feel substance, you can smell scents, and most importantly you can feel the presence of your loved one as they guide you through your dream.

There is a great sense of calm and completeness during these dreams, and when you wake up there’s a sense that a message was sent to your subconscious for you to process later. The tragedy of these dreams is that you can’t control when they come, how long they last, or if you ever remember their message in waking life. Pure, true, and tragic….but absolutely lovely.

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This is an incredibly powerful phenomenon which I didn’t know existed until I experienced it for myself. It’s when the spirit of our beloved deceased superimposes themselves onto a living person to appear familiar. This usually happens in a public place, and can be quite shocking.

My experience happened like this: I was waiting for a streetcar on a busy street. As I was waiting for it to arrive, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone very familiar crossing the street towards me. In a split second, I recognized my husband down to his eyes, his smile, and the mole he had in the middle of his forehead. Even his longish hair, underneath the black hoodie he was wearing. It was so uncanny that it took me completely off guard and I had to hang onto the pole beside me. When I blinked, the illusion fell away along with the vision of my husband, and there was a scruffy young man reaching the other side of the street. My signs from the afterlife vanished.

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I experienced it myself, and then found that others had had the same experience while researching for this article.

Co-Opted Internal Monologue

There are many ways to describe this experience, but the heading I chose I find is the most accurate. Sometimes you can hear things that your loved one would tell you when you need to know them. There’s a story of a widow waking up to check the kitchen because they’ve heard their deceased husband’s voice insisting on it, only to find that the gas was left on. Or These are not hallucinations. Rather it’s like your train of thought, your inner monologue suddenly gets a second character saying their lines, in their own voice. It’s another one of the signs from the afterlife. It’s a classic echo-response, a ping-back so to speak. Your beloved hijacks your inner monologue to directly communicate with you, but it’s so sudden and so subtle that you don’t even notice until you think back on what exactly made you react the way you did.

They Are There With You – You Just Have To Know How To Read The Signs From The Afterlife

You might feel alone, but you’re not. Your loved one is out there. Watching over you. Energy never fluctuates. Their energy, colored by their life memories, still surrounds you and flows within you. Keep an eye out, keep an open heart, and you’ll soon start noticing signs from the afterlife meant for you.

12 thoughts on “7 Clear Signs From The Afterlife”

    1. During my research phase, I did notice that these signs came up over and over again. However, I didn’t feel that they were never approached in the right way. I don’t think I’ve gotten the message through perfectly, but I tried to make this as authentic as possible. I’m glad I could bring that different perspective.

  1. Hi Sarah it’s Vic. I had the pleasure of speaking with you via video conference in October. My issue and my concern Sarah is whether I’m managing my grief in a healthy way or am I just putting up a front to look strong for everyone? Family/friends ask how I’m doing and my response is always “OK”/ But am I/?
    Is this how I truly feel/?

    1. You’re telling them what they want to hear, which is absolutely fine. I’m sure it would feel more honest to tell them exactly what you’re struggling with that day, but they’d back pedal and look uncomfortable. They walk on eggshells around you because they know you are hurting and have absolutely no idea how to help.

      Only another widow/er has any idea what you are going through, and will truly listen to any pain you are willing to share. Only you know what you really feel, if you allow yourself to. Sometimes you just need someone who has walked this path to help you find your next step forward. That’s why I became a grief coach.

      You know yourself most. Trust within.

      1. Thanks Sarah, it’s very difficult maintaining a perspective at times. You seek answers but there are only questions. To lose an amazing wife of 39/years and then just when you think you’ll never have another loving relationship/ another amazing lady enters your life/ only to lose her in less than 4/years. Those are difficult waters to navigate.

        1. Very treacherous waters indeed. Don’t sink in them. Let the waves ride over you, and don’t forget to breathe when you’re able.

  2. This is such a wonderful article, thank you for explaining it. I have had a few of these happen and I love hearing from my loved ones that are on the other side. Looking forward to reading more~

    1. I’m so glad! I post new content every Thursday – come on by! Would you like me to add you to the newsletter? There’s loads of valuable content that comes out every week.

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