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kids mental health during a pandemic

Why My Kids’ Mental Health Mandates Back To School

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest I’ve been honored to write a guest post for a wonderful website called MindSpeaks. They reached out asking for a piece on mental health – I decided to take the current situation at hand: my kids’ mental health. This post is where I talk

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importance of rituals in grief featured image

The Importance of Rituals In Grief

There is great importance of rituals in grief during trying times. These are unprecedented times indeed, when it seems that every week there’s some calamity to shake our world. First, came the wildfires of Australia which threatened to burn the country to the ground. Then, the Corona Virus which forced the world to hide away

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Cardiac Arrest Vs Heart Attack

What are the differences between a heart attack vs cardiac arrest – do you know? I didn’t. The hardest question that everyone always asks is how my husband died. The short answer is: his heart stopped working. The longer answer is: we’re not quite sure what happened, but all signs lead me to believe that

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Rediscover Your Happiness

Sometimes life pushes you down. Here’s how to get up again – and thrive. Meeting grief headlong with happiness. #griefmanagement #wellness #selfhelp

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time to set forth

Writing to Cope With Grief

I’ve gone through an immense amount of turmoil as a widow, and have struggled with expressing it. Grief is an overpowering force that can overtake any normal thoughts, let alone any creativity. However, since I’ve invested in Heather Reese’s  blogging course, my creative juices have been inspired. The ideas are coming fast and strong. I’ve

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