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kids mental health during a pandemic

Why My Kids’ Mental Health Mandates Back To School

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest I’ve been honored to write a guest post for a wonderful website called MindSpeaks. They reached out asking for a piece on mental health – I decided to take the current situation at hand: my kids’ mental health. This post is where I talk

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Handcrafted Churros

The best handcrafted churros should be made with your little ones helping. The delight in their eyes when they watch the dough puff up and turn brown in the oily bubbles is intoxicating. Just leave the actual frying to the adults.   This post contains affiliate links. These are products that I use myself and

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foam bubbles

Keeping Busy When Isolating With Kids

Self Isolation With Kids. The world is under house arrest, aka social distancing because of the worldwide pandemic Convid-19, aka Corona Virus. No, not from drinking beer. Not the Chinese Flu. A very serious virus with no cure, no vaccine, that can infect anyone and is spreading worldwide rapidly. This week, I’ve been home with

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Who are the Danger Squad?

Before they were born, my husband and I decided to give them both the middle name of Danger. I just thought the concept was hilarious, and would be the envy of all their schoolyard friends. But Myke took it even further, and exuberantly declared that yelling “Danger Squad! Assemble!” at the top of his lungs

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