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happy birthday to my dear dead husband

Happy Birthday to My Dear Dead Husband

Happy Birthday to my dear dead husband. There are certain milestones that a griever has to go through on their journey. The first year is the hardest because you hit all of these milestones for the first time. Some come around in their time as the following years travel their cycle. In my opinion, the

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Father’s Day As A Solo Mom Sucks

It’s really simple. When it comes every year, it’s a siren song announcing loud and clear that your alone. Father’s Day as a Solo Mom sucks. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest Every Year, It’s A Challenge My son’s father died when he was two and a half. My

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How To Decide To Take Someone Off Life Support

Not too long ago, a friend of a friend went through exactly what I went through back in 2014. The agony of being in the hospital. Keeping vigil on your loved one. Not knowing if they are brain dead or not, is torturous. How to decide to take someone off life support is a traumatic

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Choose Your Battles

Some days are longer than others. I don’t know about you, but during this Corona Virus home stay lock-down most days blend into each other and the hours stretch looong. Now that we’re all stuck together 24/7 with no reprieve, without our usual outlets of school or social life, we’re all getting a little wiggy.

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Cardiac Arrest Vs Heart Attack

What are the differences between a heart attack vs cardiac arrest – do you know? I didn’t. The hardest question that everyone always asks is how my husband died. The short answer is: his heart stopped working. The longer answer is: we’re not quite sure what happened, but all signs lead me to believe that

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Life goes on – which sucks when your loved one is dead

Life goes on. Unfortunately, this means that you’re alone now. You have your other friends and family around you, but you’ve lost your touchstone. I promise you will eventually thrive. There will be times when the smallest thing pulls through a memory which twists your heart again.

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Being an only parent

I’ve been watching This Is Us on Netflix, and as expected it pulls the heartstrings. For me personally, it really hits home. I too lost my love unexpectedly, and the force of that impact still reverberates every day. Every day the kids do something that I want to share with him. Every day I look

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