How To Stay Sane When Parenting Alone

Trying to stay sane when parenting alone is tough – trust me, I get it. I’ve been solo parenting since 2014 when my husband passed away.

I’ve learned the best way how to stay sane when parenting alone is to prime yourself – think of these tips as under armor to help bolster your ability to keep yourself, and the kids, from flying off the handle.



After Death Checklist

I wish I had this when my husband unexpectedly died – it would have saved me hours and hours of research.

This clear, concise list of action items will be a great resource to have on hand while you try to deal with the administrative duties through the turmoil of fresh grief.

Take this as my gift to you.



The Six Tasks of Grief

Your head and your heart are two split personalities right now. Until they are reunited, you too will feel split.

Download the tasks that your heart and mind have to go through to feel comfortable in your own self again.



7 Clear Signs From The Afterlife

Once your spouse has died, all of the little things that they used to do are lost to the ether. Have you spent hours searching for a sign from your lost love? Don’t you wish you could speak to them again? Feel their presence again? You can, if you know what to watch for. If you knew how to read the signs from the afterlife.