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male grief patterns

10 Common Male Grief Patterns

There seems to be this universal perception that there is a right way to grieve, which is nothing than further than the truth. If you’ve lost anyone, then you’ve experienced grief and know that grief hits everyone differently. There are some days where everything is fine, and then the next moment you’re struggling to breathe.

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pregnancy loss

How I Recovered From A Late Term Pregnancy Loss

Today, we  are honoured to have a guest post from another grief blogger. Sarah Cox, of Journey for Jasmine, has shared how she has grown through her grief of losing her daughter to a late pregnancy loss to helping others. Let’s listen to her story. Warning: this post contains potentially upsetting content dealing with CDH,

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signs from the afterlife

7 Clear Signs From The Afterlife

No one wants to be alone. Being newly bereft immediately launches you into a new, unwanted life – all alone. Once your spouse has died, all of the little things that they used to do are lost to the ether. Have you spent hours searching for a sign from your lost love? Don’t you wish

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Top 10 Financial Things To Do When A Spouse Dies

Top 10 Financial Things To Do When A Spouse Dies

The two things that are inevitable, death and taxes, are also the most administratively frustrating with all the paperwork and legalize. So many steps to take, in a particular order. This is an incredibly devastating time and you can’t think. You can have a team of financial experts on your side, but the crucial deciding

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a mousetrap with a heart on a keyboard

13 Signs of a Romance Scammer

I’d like to believe that I’m Internet savvy, but a recent personal experience needed me to tell you that as a widow you need to beware of romance scams. From doing some research, I’ve learned that they are hitting hard and heavy, targeting widows and widowers, and it’s vital to know their tactics because these

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happy birthday to my dear dead husband

Happy Birthday to My Dear Dead Husband

Happy Birthday to my dear dead husband. There are certain milestones that a griever has to go through on their journey. The first year is the hardest because you hit all of these milestones for the first time. Some come around in their time as the following years travel their cycle. In my opinion, the

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using dreams and grief

Using Dreams and Grief To Go From Hell To Hello

This week’s blog post comes direct from Chantal King from Grieve Me Alone. I am honored to have her contribute her story to share to the rest of us. Everyone’s grief journey is different. Here is hers. How she uses dreams and grief together to create something wonderful for anyone who is grieving. Caution: don’t touch

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kids mental health during a pandemic

Why My Kids’ Mental Health Mandates Back To School

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest I’ve been honored to write a guest post for a wonderful website called MindSpeaks. They reached out asking for a piece on mental health – I decided to take the current situation at hand: my kids’ mental health. This post is where I talk

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time to set forth

Turn Loss Into Strength

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest This week, I had the honor of sharing my story of how I turned loss into strength in a guest post published on A Purpose In Pain. Sam has a beautiful blog that shares stories to help others feel less alone in theirs. Sam

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